Alaska Rivers by Approach

If runs have multiple hike approaches, they may be listed more than once.

Hikes are rated as Easy, Moderate or Strenuous. This does not refer to the distance traveled, elevation gain/loss, amount of time it takes, the proximity to a road system or individual fitness level.

Hike ratings refer to difficulty of terrain and level of risk involved during travel.

Road Accessible

“Road Accessible” runs may entail a short boat carry, but less than 1/4 mile.

Brushkana Creek

Canyon Creek

Matanuska River (Chickaloon to Kings)

Matanuska River (Hicks Creek to Chickaloon)

Matanuska River (Glacier Park to Hicks Creek)

Matanuska River (Lion’s Head)

Eagle River “Bridge to Bridge”

Eagle River North Fork to Briggs Bridge

Campbell Creek “Lower Town Section”

Granite Creek (Hope)

Kennicott River

Little Susitna

Canyon Creek (Lower)

Lowe River

Moose Creek (Sutton)

Nenana River

Portage Creek

Exit Glacier Stream and Resurrection River

Six Mile Creek

Tonsina River

Tsaina River (Lower Canyon)

Tsaina River (Upper Canyon)

Trail River

Valdez Glacier Stream

Willow Creek (Red Gate)

Knik River


Easy Hikes

Trail is fairly established and somewhat maintained by Alaska standards; generally easy to follow. There may be signs or markings from humans. Minimal route finding skills required.

Bench Creek (Middle and Lower)

Bird Creek (Lower Sanctum)

Campbell Creek South Fork Canyon

Caribou Creek (ATV Trail at Take-out)

Eagle River “Echo Bend”

Middle Eagle River

Glacier Creek

Jack River (Canyon)

Kenai Canyon

Klutina River

Upper Little Susitna

Matanuska River (East and South Forks)

Placer River (After Train Ride)

Primrose Creek

Ptarmigan Creek

Resurrection Creek (Cascade Section)

Resurrection Creek (Lower Canyon)

Winner Creek (Gorge)


Moderate Hikes

Trail is not consistent or regularly maintained. Social trails (paths created from repeated human use) or game trails (paths created from repeated animal use) may be involved. Some route finding is required as trail may not always be easy to follow.

Bull River

Caribou Creek (Syncline Ridge)

Chickaloon River (Hiking upstream from take-out)

Chitistone River

Eagle River ”Wilderness” Section via Crow Pass

Iron Creek

Glacier Creek (Girdwood via Winner Creek Trail)

Granite Creek (Sutton)

Gravel Creek

Kings River (Canyon)

Kings River (Magic Mile)

Moose Creek (Alaska Range - into Yanert and Nenana)

Riley Creek

Twentymile River

Wells Creek


Strenuous Hikes/Routes

Must have large glutes suitable for uphill travel partnered with an award winning “I can do hard things” attitude when  challenging Alaska Factors present themselves.

Little or no trail, consider this a route that you must create. One should have experience with off-trail navigation, map, compass, and gps use. Terrain is very challenging and may include: bushwhacking, stream crossings, glacial navigation, moraine, alpine terrain, bogs, tussocks, etc. and requires extensive Alaska backcountry experience. Do not expect to see signs of humans or any established paths.

Chickaloon River (King-Chick Route)

Dadina River

East Fork Chulitna

Honolulu Creek (Waikiki Section)

Kashwitna River

Lakina River

Moody Creek



If a fly-in run requires a hiking route, it is also listed under respective hike ratings and has an asterisk.*

Chickaloon River

Chitistone River*

Dadina River*

Iron Creek*

Lakina River

Sheep Creek*

Talkeetna River