Resurrection Cascades (Guidebook)

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    Jule Harle

      If you’re ready to fire up a few stout & technical class IV drops, hike almost 7 miles on the trail to the foot bridge where it crosses Caribou creek, shortly before Caribou Creek cabin.

      Difficulty: IV
      Length: 7 miles
      Time: 2-3 hours
      Put in: Cascades: 60.78625, -149.67387
      Take out: Resurrection Pass Trailhead (North) 60.86970, -149.63025

      Difficulty: Easy, trail
      Elevation: +600 ft,- 200 ft
      Length: 7 miles
      Time: 2-3 hours

      River Description: From the trail bridge, you’ll warm up with just under 2 miles of class II before the creek makes an abrupt turn to the left with a rock wall on the right. You can get out and scout the entrance rapid on the right. The best line depends on the water level, but both middle and left lines exist.
      The canyon walls become significantly more narrow before the second rapid, “Cascade,” a two part drop. There is a large eddy on the right, immediately above this rapid. Take some time to look at your line, as sieves exist, and the rocks have a history of holding problem wood. Again, there are numerous lines, and the best option varies on water level.
      Immediately downstream the creek makes a blind left turn into the third and final drop. This can be boat scouted from the eddy on the right; stay alert for wood. Shortly after this rapid the Cascades Canyon opens up, as more class II ensues alongside numerous wood portages before the lower canyon.
      Eventually, after the creek twists and turns through swift class II for a little over a mile before becoming narrow and entering woody slough notorious for holding trees. At the time of writing, there were multiple trees blocking the channel; it’s likely that this area always has some sort of wood until high water events clear things out.
      Conveniently, the main trail is right next to one of the first portage points, near way point 60.83241, -14963914. It is much easier & less time consuming to get out here and shoulder boats for just under ½ mile, as there are still a handful of brushy wood portages below this area.
      From the trail, walk less than ½ mile downstream; you’ll see a yellow “federal mining claim” sign on the east side of the trail with an obvious ATV trail leading down to the creek. (this is also the preferred put in for the lower canyon section)

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