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    Run report from 5/5/24: Less than 600 cfs.

    Clear of snow bridges through the entirety of the canyon. Overhanging avalanche debris in canyon is undercut and potentially hazardous. A hard boater in our party took a swim at one of these under cut areas and the kayak did not pop out while we were on the river, nor was it felt with some careful probing. Please keep an eye out for a purple and black marbled Dagger play boat if you take the scenic route to the port on the lower Lowe. Swimmer was able to get away from the hazard.

    Eddys in canyon are more difficult to get into with high snowbanks blocking a lot of the usually easier to catch “Alaskan eddies”. Plan to post hole the rip rap in some areas if portaging until more melt happens. Fun run at this low of water. Usgs gauge reading ~2.8 ft. Any metal in the river bed is clearly visible at this level. Old bridge material (sharp, dangerous metal), on left hand side after first bridge crossing. Sharp large metal object river center around the rock outcropping near where the Richardson turns left into the canyon going out of Valdez that will soon be covered but could tear soft boats or injure swimmers.

    Good opportunities at this level to practice eddying behind large boulders.

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