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    To offer a full bevy of approach routes, there’s another ATV trail closer to the takeout (which shaves a few miles off your bike shuttle 😉). Park on the west side of the highway just south of Fourth of July Creek. The pullout/railroad access just looks like a driveway, but once you turn onto it, there’s a medium-sized parking spot so you don’t have block the throughway to the railroad. The trail starts at 63.203704°, -149.330528°, almost directly across the highway from where you park, but it’s easy to miss if you’re just driving by.

    The trail itself is nothing to write home about. Expect to get your feet wet and muddy, but it’s probably the most direct route to the river. After weaving through/around some swampy areas, the trail starts following an old moraine feature to the north. It eventually joins with the network of trails John and Jule mentioned that start near the Middle Fork, but you’ll want to leave this trail after about ~2.5 miles from the highway (circa 63.203763°, -149.264884°). Head east across a beaver-pond-y/swampy area to another moraine feature that tops out at 2600 ft. It’s here that I’ve always just felt my way through (expect a little dwarf birch bashing) until meeting up again with the trails that continue up the valley.

    Starting at the Middle Fork, you can stay on trail basically the whole way, but this route shaves about 4 miles off the approach.
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