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    I’ve hiked three different routes to get to Moody, and my preference is to stay low and take the Montana Creek trail. The trail can be a bit muddy and it crosses Montana Creek several times, but it’s fairly quick and drops you into Moody Creek right where the whitewater starts, so you can get a couple extra miles of Class II-III splashes (warning: I’ve only put in here in June and July, and it might be a little bony this high up later in the season).

    To find the trail, there’s a small pullout on Grande Rd at the last bend before Kingfisher Creek. The trail starts directly across the road from the pullout. There’s a bit of spiderweb of social trails for the first few hundred feet, but follow the trail that trends south toward Montana Creek. After following Montana Creek for a ~3 miles, the trail eventually turns north up a small tributary to follow the Intertie power line over a low pass and eventually down to the creek.

    Although this route lacks the alpine walking and expansive views of the Sugarloaf routes, you’ll be protected in the trees from the area’s frequent high winds and you won’t burn yourself out on the hike before a demanding (but fun!) paddle. In other words, this approach might be for those who want some “packing,” but are a bit more focused on the “rafting.”