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John Schauer

    Hi, Chelsea. I’m a lot more familiar with the Alpacka packrafts than Kokopelli’s.  Do you have a self bailer or does it have a spray deck? I  have always had a whitewater deck on a packraft,  which helps lower body stay warm by reducing splashing and evaporative cooling. Even with newer inflated seats you are often sitting at or below water level in a non-self bailer, which I prefer. As the air in the seat cools off, it loses pressure and you sit even lower to the water. Topping off air in the boat and in the seat ( or “tempering it”)  after a few minutes on the water can help keep you sitting a little higher and drier.  I have found that putting a closed cell foam pad between the floor and the seat really helps. I use a ridge rest pad folded in about thirds under mine. If it gets wet, it dries out pretty quickly.  It makes a nice camp seat, and I use it under a lightweight inflatable pad when camping. My drysuit has gore-tex booties, and I use footwear big enough to fit the booties and wool or synthetic socks under them. If I’m hiking in, I use fleece lined neoprene socks with thin synthetic liners to keep my feet dry hiking in soggy conditions. These work well if you have ankle gaskets instead of booties in your drysuit, too. If you have ankle gaskets, be sure they aren’t too tight. You can try stretching them with water bottles before trimming them. If you aren’t hiking in or doing lost of portaging, thicker neoprene booties with sturdy soles good insoles work pretty nicely. – Play hard, have fun, be safe,  and stay warm! – John