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John Schauer

    There is an alternate approach that avoids a lot of bushwhacking but involves about a 9.5 mile bike-able shuttle on the Parks Highway. There is a gravel pit just south of the Parks Highway bridge over the Middle Fork Chulitna and east of the railroad overpass. A trail starts on the east side of the gravel pit (63.25069, -149.23657) that follows an easement across Ahtna lands. ( This is across the highway from the trail to access the Bull River )This trail is traveled by ATV’s and can be quite wet in the first few miles where it parallels Coal Creek. It goes east towards the mountains for about 2 miles before turning south. It climbs onto the bench on the east side of the valley ( old lateral moraine or kame terrace ) and goes southwest, mostly on tundra, for about 3 miles with a few ups and downs before countouring into the East Fork valley. You can stay pretty high on trail before dropping into the valley and heading towards the river. It is about 9 miles to the gravel bars at the end of a braided section above the upper canyon. This route is pretty easy hiking with a packraft, and has been used to transport hard shell whitewater kayaks via ATV.