Custom Courses and Skills Coaching

Our specialty!  We're here to help you reach your packraft goals.

We want to hear what you’re looking for and make something happen.

Don’t see dates that work for you?  Have a custom or hybrid course in mind that better meets you or your group's needs?  Want a fun family activity on the water?  Looking to hire a professional guide for your packraft trip? Interested in 1 on 1 skills coaching to really refine your skills?  We can try to do it.

Custom & Private Courses:

We work with you/your group, on what you’re specifically interested in learning or spending more time on- from river safety to paddle skills, you co-create the curriculum.  You can blend course itineraries together or choose what you’d like the instructor to focus on- we help you pick the ideal river venue for your goals.  Additional rivers outside of normal courses are possible.

Skills Coaching:

A few hours of 1 on 1 attention with personalized feedback goes a long way, hands down one of the best ways to progress your skills & refine technique.  Our ACA certified instructors are trained to identify “bad habits” or areas of growth with paddling techniques, body mechanics & overall form- identifying areas of improvement, with plenty of tips, tricks & drills to help you excel.

Rates for Custom Courses

Full Day (8 hours) 

  • 1 person: $600
  • Add $100 for each add’l person. Up to 8 people. (ex: full day, 3 people: $800)

Half Day (4 hours)

  • 1 person: $400
  • Add $100 for each add’l person. Up to 8 people. 


Rates for Skills Coaching

Rates for one-on-one or small group skills coaching vary depending on group size and lesson length.

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