Client Testimonials

Brooke Edwards getting in some early season class I practice.  Photo: Jule Harle

"I've been a river guide for over 20 years, yet after experiencing some trauma and losses associated with water, I found myself nervous to get in my brand new packraft at all.  I decided to just start over from the beginning and I signed up for Jule's Level 1.  I was floored! After over two decades of running rivers, no one had ever actually coached me!

Jule was so helpful and patient, teaching me a level of comfort that I didn't know if I'd be able to attain due to my own fears.  I can't wait to sign up for a Level 2! Her knowledge, skill and incredible ability to make a safe, fun and inclusive learning environment was unparalleled in my experience of 30 years of guiding all things wilderness! You are never too old to learn and you are never too experienced to receive coaching and improve your skillset! Jule's school is the place to go!"

-Brooke Edwards


Last summer, I bought a pack raft, and told myself that I was going to try a new adventure sport. Logically, I needed an introduction to whitewater safety, reading rivers, and general paddle skills. Not only did Jule equip me with the basics, but she provided the foundation for falling in love with the river.

Since this course, I have reflected frequently on the skills that she emphasized, and advanced steadily. Although initially only wishing to pursue mellow floats, after this course, I have been chasing class II/III rapids with respectful delight! As I continue to grow as a paddler, I will be joining Jule for a refresher every year, this year dragging my husband along as well!

-Alex Davis


Willow Creek Alaska

"Jule's Level II course was totally amazing! I don't think I've ever learned so much about one thing, so fast, in so little time. I'd only spent a few hours in a packraft before and I came out feeling confident enough go paddle with friends and have fun! From choosing where to paddle and what lines to take, to knowing what to do when you or your partners swim (and that it's not the end of the world), it's amazing how much you can pick up in so little time. And, the course was super, super-fun, high-paced and laid-back at the same time, and focused on just getting out there. Totally recommended."

-Sean Williams

Glacier Creek Girdwood packraft

"Whatever your skill level, Jule finds a way to connect with each student, helping you build on your foundational skills each trip out, while always focusing on safety.  Taking these courses helped me go from “never ever” first time packrafter to loving the challenge of whitewater.  

New to packrafting, I signed up for Jule's Level 1 course at the beginning of the school's first season.  By the end of the summer, I completed all the courses, Levels 1-3 and attended the Week of Rivers: Class III tour. I was hooked.   Now I have the skills to seek out harder, more technical lines within the rapid & I’m always looking for difficult eddies to catch & peel out of.  I highly recommend these courses---heck, I still have more to learn and you may see me out there next summer!” 

 -Jesse Alloway

Sean photo Wharton

“The packraft skills and rescue course I took with Jule provided me with basic skills and confidence to be a better partner and feel competent packrafting. I learned how to begin reading water, basic safety for me and those around me, basic paddle strokes, and some good tips.

Jule is a gifted teacher; she provides great progression and feedback and a safe learning environment.  I am new to packrafting, so this course provided me with what I needed to begin small adventures comfortably. The best parts were getting hands on experience practicing solo and partner rescue, and learning and practicing paddling basics.”   -Jane Boerr